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We’re parents too — so know firsthand just how stressful mealtimes can be. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing families worldwide with access to expert guidance and proven techniques to help you raise confident, happy, intuitive eaters. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to confidently nurture your child’s eating habits and help them develop a positive relationship with food.


Feeding Littles

We Believe...

  • Baby-led Weaning is amazing (and what we teach!), but what's most important is encouraging self-feeding at a pace that feels comfortable to the family. Feeding babies is not "all-or-nothing."
  • Most kids go through a picky phase—which can last years for some—as a normal part of development. How we respond is what matters.
  • How your child eats doesn't define your competency or effort as a parent.
  • Focusing on how we feel - not how we look or how much we weigh - is key to understanding nutrition.
  • Even if you grew up with an unhealthy relationship with food, you can change the future for your kids.
  • Having enough food to eat is a privilege and a blessing.
Feeding Littles is deeply rooted in the memory of an extraordinary baby named Jack. Jack is the reason Judy and Megan connected, leading them to create Feeding Littles.

Although Jack’s time on earth was brief, the impact he left on this world continues to shine brightly. He has forever inspired love, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams.